Chesterton Academy of St. Patrick

A Joyfully Catholic,
Classical High School

Opening Fall 2022

Raising up a new generation of joyful leaders and saints educated in the classical tradition and truths of the Catholic faith.

At Chesterton Academy students receive a cohesive, content-rich education that spreads a broad feast from the humanities, math and science, and the fine arts. In addition to intellectual formation, spiritual and character formation are essential elements of the Chesterton Academy experience.

Catholic education is more than just the normal subjects with religion mixed in and Mass once a week. Catholic education is an approach, it is a philosophy, and it is the formation of the whole person. It is a dedication to educational excellence guided by the light of the gospel, taught in a way so students become critical thinkers, joyful disciples, and actively engaged in the world to reveal the truth of God and what it means to be created in His image and likeness. I believe a Catholic high school is important in our area not because we need to shield our young people from the contagion of a world gone mad, rather we need a Catholic high school to remedy the world gone mad. We need to steep our youth in the truth of the Gospel, fortify them with the pursuit of true knowledge, and embolden them with the joy of discipleship.

Fr. Estrella, Pastor, St. Patrick Church

An integrated, classical curriculum will prepare you for college—and for life.

A rigorous four-year curriculum taught through the lens of the catholic faith

Every education teaches a philosophy; if not by dogma then by suggestion, by implication, by atmosphere. Every part of that education has a connection with every other part. If it does not all combine to convey some general view of life, it is not an education at all.

Dale Ahlquist, Common Sense 101: Lessons from G.K. Chesterton